Update: Press Conference in Kathmandu – 24/04/14

A press conference will be held at the TAAN (Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal) headquarters in Kathmandu on Friday 24th April 2014.

The families involved are Connie and Paul Sacco – parents of Aubrey Sacco (disappeared 22nd April 2010), Pauline Souflas – mother of Zisimos Souflas (disappeared 23rd April 2012), Rudy Devos – father of Debbie Maveau (found murder June 2012) and Margaret Allpress – mother of Matt Allpress (disappeared November 2013).

The press conference is to raise the awareness of the missing and to encourage trekkers not to trek alone.

Please forward this information to any contacts in the media.



New Missing Person Poster

Below is the up to date version of the missing poster for Zisimos. Fellow trekkers may wish to take a few copies of this with them if they are planning on visiting Nepal, which Zisimos’ family would be extremely grateful for.

A Microsoft Word copy can be requested by emailing sophie_souflas@hotmail.com

Fresh Hunt for Missing Zis Souflas

An article about Zisimos’ disappearance was published on 26th February 2014, mentioning the new search for Zisimos starting this year. The family were unable to comment in time for the publication. Further information on the new search is to follow.


 A team of Sherpas will launch a fresh search for a Brit nearly two years after he vanished in Nepal.

Zisimos Souflas, a 27-year-old backpacker, was trekking alone in the foothills of the Himalayas when he was last seen alive. He had flown into the country for a friend’s wedding.

His disappearance follows a spate of attacks on foreigners — including one in which a young woman was found decapitated — sparking fears he may have come to harm.


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Deathzone: Cleaning Mount Everest

Please take a moment to check out the trailer for the movie ‘Deathzone: Cleaning Up Everest’; a Nepali feature length documentary film and environmental justice campaign aiming to raise awareness and help to clean up Mount Everest’s ‘death zone’ (8,000 ft and above) which has become a dumping ground of the trash and corpses of climbers over the last few decades.

Chakra Karki, who is currently coordinating the Search for Zisimos, was involved in the “Clean up Everest” campaign of 2010, which is detailed in this film. Although not directly related to the Search for Zis, who was in the safe zone (around 4,000 metres), we wish to help raise awareness and aid the campaign.

To watch the trailer and visit the website, please follow this link.

Former St Andrews student vanishes while travelling in Nepal

On the 20th September 2012, Saint Andrews school, of which Zisimos is a former pupil, ran an article on his disappearance. To read the article in full please follow the link below.

A former university of St Andrews student, 27-year-old Zisimos Souflas, has gone missing while travelling in Nepal. His is but the latest in a growing list of foreign disappearances along the often dangerous Nepal hiking trails which has led to the banning of unguided solo hikers from September.

Read the full article here.
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Esther McVey: Case of missing Zisimos a warning to trekkers

On August 29, 2012, Esther McVey ran an article on WirralNews.co.uk.

AFTER exams and results many students turn their attention to travelling.

In fact this week is the start of the new trekking season, and as wonderful as it can be, my article today aims to strike a cautionary note and to relay a personal story on behalf of a local family.

The other week I was visited by a family member of Zisimos Souflas…

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